This is not Courtney Love friendly blog. Why? Because Courtney is a malignant tumor in human form. A sociopathic Pinocchio who cares about nothing but fame, money and herself. She doesn't deserve your respect.NIRVANA was a talented, dynamic threesome but Courtney Love has done everything in her power to distort and degrade their legacy. The fabricated stories and flat out lies she continues to spread serve two purposes. 1) To gain sympathy and public appeal. and 2) To save her ass by casting others in a negative light. I always thought she was insane but I never thought she was involved with Kurt's death until I finally decided to check out what all the "conspiracy nuts" or "Courtney haters" were talking about. Then it all made sense. Considering he did not get a proper investigation and all the red flags which were too much of a bother for the SPD, it's pretty clear why so many people want his case reopened. There are more arrows pointing to murder than there are suicide once to look at all the info. I really do think Courtney set him up. Was she really that calculating and greedy to have hired someone to murder him? Absolutely! She's done everything in her power to work her way into NIRVANA's legacy and rewrite the past! I could go on forever about this but basically, Krist, Dave and Kurt deserve miles more respect, courtesy and dignity then they've received and Courtney deserves life in prison. -- The End.-- visit: for more info. Hate your enemies. Save your friends. Find your place. Speak the truth. Do your laundry. Love you. Love your show. -Bye!
From JT Leroy’s interview with Dave Grohl. Flaunt, 2002